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Director of Photography / Camera / Steadicam Operator
Director of Photography 
Selected work


"Kainga" Feature Film - Produced by Kerry Warkia & Kiel McNaughton

"Raised by Refugees "TV series 6 part - Produced by Kevin & Co

"The Legend of Baron Toa" Feature Film - Produced by Kerry Warkia

"Homebound 3.0" TV series 8 part - Produced by Kevin & Co

"VAI" Feature Film - Produced by Kerry Warkia & Kiel McNaughton

"Mystic" TV series for BBC. Season 1 Eps 5,6,7,8

"Power Rangers -Dino Fury"   Action unit DP 

"The Brokenwood mysteries Season 7"    Eps 1&2

"WARU" Feature film BSAG. Te Mangai Paho & NZ Film commission

"Rustling " Short film- Directed by Tom Furniss

"Mercedec C-Class"  TVC.  NZME Productions

"The Trick" Short Film - Kohanim Productions

"Deity" Short Film - Dir Pepe De Hoyos

"Shortland St summer promo 2020" - Blacksand

"Ford  Ecoboost"  TVC.  Dir – Jamie Lawrence

"Burger King"  BK Summer  2x TVC.  Dir – Dean Hewison

"Slingshot"  Summer Shout  TVC.  Dir – Dan Martin

"Brother"  3x  TVC.  Dir – Stephen Ballantyne

"Holden"  Holden & Project Runway TVC.  Dir – Sophie Black

"Orcon"  TVC.  Dir – Jessie Griffin

"Weet-Bix"   TVC.  Dir – Jamie Gallant

"Beef & Lamb"  TVC.  Dir – Gina Kindred

"Terry Teo" 6 part  Comedy/Drama series.  Dir - Gerard Johnstone

"This is Piki" 8 part Drama series. Dir- Kiel McNaughton

"Coverband"  6 part Comedy/Drama series. Dir – thedownlowconcept

"Funny Girls" Season 1. Dir – Johnny Barker

"Tip Top" campaign 25x TVC’s.  Dir – Johnny Barker

"The Moe show"  52 episodes. Producers/ Dir - Zane Holmes & Jeremy Dillon

"TVNZ On Demand"  Samsung & iPhone 4x 30 TVC’s.  Dir – Adam Sarkar

"Spark" 8x  TVC ‘s. Dir -  Jamie Lawrence

"Air NZ " Altitude aerospace interiors commercial

 "Wild Coasts" Documentary series. South Pacific Pictures

"Rivers" Documentary series.  South Pacific Pictures

"Shortland St"  Location DOP (3 years)  South Pacific Pictures

Camera/Steadicam/Gimbal Operator

Selected works


“Straight Forward” Screentime

“Murder is forever” Stephen David entertainment

"Roman Empire 2” Stephen David entertainment

“Kiwi” Rouge Productions

‘Dear Murderer’  Screentime

‘Brokenwood season 3’ South Pacific Pictures

‘Brokenwood season 4’ South Pacific Pictures

‘Terry Teo’ Semi professional pictures

‘Coverband’ thedownlowconcept

Tip Top ‘Feel Tip Top’ Rubberneck

Salama Kahn feature film, NZ unit

‘Housebound’ NZ feature film

‘Shortland St’ South Pacific Pictures

Various short films, commercials and music clips







Oliver Driver – Director/Producer

021 838878


Dave Cameron NZCS ACS -  Cinematographer

+64 21 551 995


Jeremy Dillon - Producer

021 555469

Written recommendations:

To whom it may concern,

Drew is an 'ace up your sleeve' as a Director, he has the knowledge base and skill required to realise any shot or sequence you come up and the personality and professionalism to be straight up with you if he feels there is a better option or stronger way of achieving your vision. However if you still want to do it your way then Drew will break his back to make it work. As a DOP he is great in terms of lighting, creating the right mood, time management and all the rest of that stuff. But the most important thing for any Director is that he and the DOP work as a creative team, that they work together, share an understanding of what is being shot, how it needs to look and why each scene needs to be approached in a particular way. Drew and I have always worked like this together and I would work with him again at the drop of a hat.

Oliver Driver – Director


Drew is a true professional in every sense. The images he captures speak for themselves, but what is truly astonishing is the speed and efficiency with which he captures them. Drew leads by example, and his work ethic is unparalleled. I have worked with Drew many times in the past, both on location and in studio, and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future. 

Jeremy Dillon – Producer/Director


To whom it may concern,

As would be expected, Drew's technical knowledge is very strong, he communicates well and efficiently with his team, and uses resources effectively. But it is his understanding of the dramatic process that makes him stand out from the competition. Whilst his eye for a great shot is very well tuned, he also has a real affinity for storytelling. He is a great director's collaborator and understands the process of realising the intention of the script, rather than simply shooting what is presented. This collaborative attitude makes him popular with the cast and crew alike, creating a great atmosphere on set and enhancing the final result.

I happily recommend him to others and look forward to working with him again.

Jonathan Alver - Director/Producer
Verismo Media
+64 21 841511






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